Wildflower is the unification of a band of rebels and a subsequent collaborative mutiny against all societal norms and notions of convention, specifically as they pertain to fashion. Our ever evolving designs are highly individualized and created exclusively with premium-quality and ethically sourced fabrics and materials.
Each design conforms to absolutely nothing but our ethos, which is to find beauty in the unlikeliest of places, to unraveling and being concrete still. Our primary objective in this endeavor, is to appreciate the resilience and the tenacity of the wildflower that’s within each one of us.
We wish not to appease or become subservient to a set of pre-conceived aesthetics but to challenge our inner demons and redefine our limits. Much akin to a wildflower's non adherence to the standards of being a flower, our apparel explicitly and vociferously protests the unexceptional and the usual by its mere existence.